Art I is a basic course in art and is a requirement for admission to all other art courses. Instruction will be given in drawing techniques including the use of pencil, proper perspective, and shading techniques. Elements and principles of design will be introduced, including balance, line, movement, texture, shape, color, rhythm, contrast & pattern.
Color will be explored, and a color wheel and chart will be made. Several different color media will be explored including watercolor, colored pencil, and silk screen printing. Students will also work in 3 dimensional projects. The class will be divided into small groups for instruction in areas of pottery, and basic weaving.
This course develops advanced techniques in drawing, oil painting, printmaking, sculpting, fibers and photography. Students will learn to put together an art display and are required to put together a portfolio.
This is the final course of the four year program. Students will refine their skills in the areas of
drawing, printmaking, painting and 3 dimensional media. Students will also explore photography and computer graphics. In addition, students will be given the opportunity for in depth study of an area of interest and to refine their design skills in that area. The student will be required to submit a portfolio and put together a senior art show.