This course is a comprehensive study of the fundamentals of the Spanish language. The course is introduced with oral practice after which grammar and vocabulary are added. The communicative approach is emphasized thereby giving the students frequent opportunity for listening, speaking, writing, and reading the language. Course study will also include Spanish culture, geography, and history.
Spanish II is an important step in the evolution of Spanish learning. Each student's language skills will continued to increase and his/her understanding of worldwide cultures will grow. This class is essential for those students looking to excel in the world of Spanish Language and Culture.

Spanish 3 is the next logical step in the learning of Spanish. Students in Spanish 3 have ventured beyond the required levels and will be learning more grammar, vocabulary, culture, history and language skills. In today's society, Spanish 3 is essential for students who want to be ready for the future.
This weighted course consists of reading a more advanced level of authentic Spanish texts, literature and poetry. It will help prepare the student for college level Spanish as emphasis will be placed on reading comprehension and writing in the language. Discussion as a response will also be emphasized.