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      Welcome to Band!

      I am excited that you will be joining me in band this year. I am eager to get started and make music with all of you! As we begin the new year, please remember my Big 3 Rules:

      1. Be on time and prepared.
      2. Be respectful.
      3. Have a good attitude.

      Get excited to learn your new instruments!

      -Ms. Norrod
    • Concert 03/07/17

      ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY- This concert has been in the syllabus since the first day of school. Concerts are 40% of your overall grade. Exceptions will only be made for true EMERGENCIES. If you miss for a birthday, sport, or other movable appointment, you will get a zero in the grade book.

      **Student has opportunity to play with the 7th grade band.
      Playing test Results- Melody and Bb concert 1/4 notes
      Flutes Trumpets
      1st Amy Maglio** 1st Zach Rutan**
      2nd Jade Sturgill** 1st Daneil Mann**
      3rd Ellie Lawson 2nd Kylie Hamm**
      4th Trista Hannah3rd John Oswald
      5th Marissa Ibarra 4th Bree Daum
      6th Kierstin Myers 5th Owen Stevenson

      Clarinets Trombones
      1st Natalie Oswald** 1st Leah Jonas**
      2nd Makinley Jarrett
      2nd Laci Greminger
      3rd Kylee Johnston 2nd Jack Eversole
      4th Hayden Johnson 3rd Riley Horn

      Saxophones 1st Sean Roberts**
      1st Hayden S.**
      2nd Dietrich H.**
      3rd Andrew C.  1st Alexa Irvin**
      4th Jordan H. 2nd Garland Weaver
      5th Evan B. 3rd Austin Kosier
      6th Dusty W.4th Burgan Hoffman
      5th Michael Davis

      • Practice Journal Leader Board

        In the Lead: Kylie Hamm, Amy Maglio

        Runners up: Leah Jonas, Ellie Lawson

        Nothing says victory like a sweet, sweet hot pizza all to yourself!

        • Percussion Part Assignments

          Name Power Rock Shout Roman Juggernaut 7th Grade- Jalepeno percussion
          Alexa Irvin SDCow Bell?Tam Tam/Tamb.xylophone
          Garland Weaver BDTambourineField drum/wood block
          Austin Kosier BellsBDSD
          Burgan Hoffman SDbellsto be determined
          Michael Davis BellsSD/sus. cym.to be determined

          • This Week's Practice Journal