Weekly outline

  • General

    • Concert 03/07/17

      ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY- This concert has been in the syllabus since the first day of school. Concerts are 40% of your overall grade. Exceptions will only be made for true EMERGENCIES. If you miss for a birthday, sport, or other movable appointment, you will get a zero in the grade book.

      Band Chairs 02/6/17
      Flutes Altos Low Brass
      1st Cole 1st Rush Carrell
      2nd Whitaker
      Clarinets 3rd Harrist
      3rd Phillips
      1st Evans
      1st Newman
      1st Zdobinski
      4th Zumbrun
      5th Springer

      1st Stevens
      2nd Benedict
      3rd Hall
      2nd Roberts
      High Brass 4th Irvin
      4th Grimes
      3rd Fudge
      1st Garden 5th Bottoms
      4th Fox
      2nd Skinner 6th Dunbar
      5th Richardson
      3rd Daum

      4th Mann


      • Pep Band!!!

        Pep Band Audio Links

        Please practice with these recordings to prepare for pep band games. Songs that should be learned by the next game are highlighted.

        Drum set players must have prepared written notes/guides for each song he/she has been assigned. This will be checked for a grade.

        Bad Romance 

        Barbara Ann (version isn't exactly the same as your music)

        Can't stop the Feeling (0:40- 1:26) /I got you- see midi file below also (Stand Shorts)  



        Crazy little Thing Called Love

        Crazy Train 

        The Edge of Glory

        Fight Song (See file Below)

        Final Countdown




        Rocky (Gonna Fly Now) Recording unavailable

        Stacy's Mom

        Star Spangled Banner

        Sweet Caroline


        Twist and Shout

        We Will Rock You

        You Give Love a Bad Name

        Flash Gordon


      • Practice Journal Leader Board

        Currently in the Lead: Peyton Cole

        Runner up: Stella Richardson

        Close behind: Molly Skinner

        • Welcome

          Welcome to Band!

          I am excited that you will be joining me in band this year. I am eager to get started and make music with all of you! As we begin the new year, please remember my classroom rules:

          1. Be on time and prepared.
          2. Be respectful.
          3. Have a good attitude.

          No matter how skilled you are coming into 8th grade band, everyone will have fun and learn a lot as long as you follow these rules and apply yourselves. We are going to have a great year!

          -Ms. Norrod 

        • This Week's Practice Journal

          Weekly Practice Logs

          All students in the National Trail Middle School Band Program will be required to complete at least 60 minutes a week of practice (in addition to the regular 2-3 days a week of class).  This is equivalent to practicing 12-15 minutes a day, four to five days a week.   Musical performance is a physical activity which requires frequent repetition of newly acquired skills.  My recommendation is to pick a time each day to spend practicing and stick to it. 


          The student with the highest total logged minutes at the end of each quarter will receive a PRIZE!

          If you lost the sheet, I have attached an extra to print off. Let Ms. Norrod know if you have any questions

        • October 30 - November 5

          • November 6 - November 12