Weekly outline

  • 5th Grade General Music!

    In 5th grade general music, we will learn about elements of music, the influence of various cultures on music, and how to read and play standard music notation! In our first quarter, we will all be in-training to prepare ourselves for our second quarter of music class--where we get to each play music on our own recorder.  

    In Ms. Norrod's classroom we will learn while having fun and putting ourselves into music! This fast-paced, positive, engaging environment is only possible if we all agree to follow Ms. Norrod's 3 team-strengthening rules:

    1. Treat everyone with respect!
    2. Be prepared and ready to learn!
    3. Have a positive attitude!

    If you ever have a question or need help, you can contact me by phone or email!

    Ms. Norrod


    (937) 437-3333 x1303

    • August 28 - September 3

      • September 4 - September 10

        • September 11 - September 17

          • September 18 - September 24

            • September 25 - October 1

              • October 2 - October 8

                • October 9 - October 15