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    Exam questions
    password: dtinstman
    Name: Street Law Semester Exam
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      To your right under class expectations, you will find the syllabus for Street Law. The syllabus includes course description, class rules and other important information you and your parent/guardian need to read. I have provided you with a parent signature page, please return, signed, with all your forms. Please note I have requested signature for media and an email address.
    • Topic 2

      Street Law TextBook

      Folder: 1
    • Topic 3

      E-Day Lessons
      The following are your e-day lessons. You do not need to complete these lessons unless you are told to do so. These lessons will be used if we need to have class but are unable to be at school.

      Please note the due dates for each lesson at the top of my Moodle page

    • Topic 5

      Unit Two

      Criminal Law
      Assignments: 8
    • Topic 6

      Assignments: 2