Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Mrs. Brown's Algebra 1 class. Below is the Graded Course of study for Algebra 1. The syllabus and class expectations can be found under Topic 1 for Week 1. The E-Day practice will be opened when needed. It is under Topic 1 along with E-Day lessons.

  • E-Days

    E-Day Practice 1- Watch the video below and complete the substitution and elimination worksheet
    Solving by graphing substitution and elimination

  • Module 6- Functions and Relations

    Module 6 Functions and Relations

    Go to EdPuzzle Module 6 Code : lomavog

    6.1       Function or Relation

    6.2       Vertical-Line Test

    6.3       Shifts on Inverse Functions

    6.4       Input or Output

    6.5       Function Machines                  

    6.7       Inequality Notation                  

    6.8       Interval Notation
    6.9       Inverse of Functions

    6.10      Graphs of Inverse Functions

    6.11      Tables of Inverse Functions

    6.13      Properties of Functions

    6.14      Module 6 Review

    6.15      Module 6 Test  

    Looking Further Problems and Additional Resources