Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Mrs. Brown's Algebra 1 class. Below is the Graded Course of study for Algebra 1. The syllabus and class expectations can be found under Topic 1 for Week 1. The E-Day practice will be opened when needed. It is under Topic 1 along with E-Day lessons.

  • Week 1- Class and Calculator Introduction

    Welcome to Mrs. Brown's Algebra 1 Class
    1. Class folders (red) will be distributed and class introduction and expectations will be placed in front pocket.

    2. Students will review the course syllabus and will complete contact information (index cards).

    1. Students will explore the Tower of Hanoi Challenge Problem and see if they can find a pattern to solve the problem.

    2. They will first investigate the number of moves to complete the puzzle given the number of disks and see if their is a formula to help solve the problem.

    1.  Students will be investigating  the Ti-nspire CAS-CX graphing calculator pages and capabilities this week. This has powerful applications and learning tools and we will be using it throughout the year. They will be storing their work on a folder on their calculator and they will also be sending work to my computer with wireless communication.

    2. The students will complete a Ti-nspire scavenger hunt competing 1-14 for now, but skip #8. We will go over it as a class.

    3.  Students will explore the paper folding problem. They will enter it into the graphing calculator lists and spreadsheet to investigate further.

    4. As a class we will log in and make students the graphing calculator presenters in order to analyze the paper folding data.