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  • General

    Welcome to Mrs. Brown's Algebra 1 class. Below is the Graded Course of study for Algebra 1. The syllabus and class expectations can be found under Topic 1 for Week 1. The E-Day practice will be opened when needed. It is under Topic 1 along with E-Day lessons.

  • E-Days

    E-Day assignment for Wednesday, March 21st Orange Day

    Go to and type in the Code KTR43. Use your real name and complete Slides 1-10 for Parabolas, Part 2.


  • Module 10 Quadratic Equations

    Module 10 Quadratic Equations

    Go to EdPuzzle Module 10 Code : winkebe

    10.1      Forms of Quadratic Equations

    10.2      Quadratics and Area Problems

    10.3      Zero-Product Property

    10.4      Finding the Vertex

    10.5      Horizontal Shifts of Quadratic Functions

    10.6      Vertical Shifts of Quadratic Functions

    10.7      Vertex or Graphing Form

    10.8      Factoring to Vertex Form

    10.9      Irrational Numbers and Quadratics

    10.10    Projectile Motion

    10.11    Vertex to General Form

    10.12   The Quadratic Formula

    10.13    Modeling a Quadratic Relationship

    10.14    Module 10 Review

    10.15    Module 10 Test

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