Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Mrs. Brown's Algebra 2 class. The documents that introduce the class and the class topics and supplies that will be needed are listed in Topic 1 for Week 1. The Graded Course of Study is included below.

  • Algebra 2 Introductions

    1. We will go over the Algebra 2 syllabus and classroom expectations first. They are attached below.

    2. The students will be given blue folders to bring daily to class for hand-outs, homework, assessments, and notes. They will also need a pencil.

    3. The students will complete the index card contact information. 

    4. The power point presentation will be a review of Number Systems. Students will complete exercises 1-7 all and the practice problems 1-5 on number properties.

    5. Students will investigate the TOWER OF HANOI puzzle and see if they can find and algorithm to determine the number of moves to move the disks to a new tower given the number of disks.