Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Mrs. Brown's Algebra 2 class. The documents that introduce the class and the class topics and supplies that will be needed are listed in Topic 1 for Week 1. The Graded Course of Study is included below.

  • The Pit and the Pendulum Poe Project

    October 18th
    1. Students are beginning a pendulum unit to answer the driving question "Is Edgar Poe Really a Mathematician?"
    2. They will investigate the hanging pendulum to review kinetic and potential energy as well as acceleration and velocity.
    3. The students will determine the variables that affect the period of the pendulum and swing it from their noses to see if the height of the students affects the period of the pendulum.
    4. They will watch a short excerpt from "The Pit and The Pendulum" to see if the story allows the prisoner to escape.
    5. Students will listen to an excerpt and extract important information from it to answer the essential question, "Does the prisoner really have time to escape?"

     Read the Pit and the Pendulum excerpt and extract relevant mathematical information to answer the essential question.

    October 20th
    1. The students will work in groups to investigate three variables that may affect the period of the pendulum.
    2. They will experiment with a pendulum and find the average period by changing the bob weight, string length and amplitude of the swing.
    3. Each group will report to the class their findings as to which variable affects the period of the pendulum and how it affects it.
    *Students will have a quiz over functions at the next class.

     Complete the worksheets for bob weight, string length and amplitude and the period of the pendulum.

    October 24th
    1. Students have determined from a previous experiment that the length of the rope or string is the factor that affects the period of the pendulum.
    2. Today the experiment will be to change the length of the string and calculate the period of the pendulum.
    3. They will plot the points using the string length as the x coordinates and the period as the y coordinates and determine what function models this relationship.
    4. They will then plot change the string length and on the y axis and the period on the x-axis to find the inverse of this relationship.
    5. Students will investigate the physics activity- "Parts of the Pendulum." They will then complete the Check for Understanding questions at the end of the activity. The link is below.

     The homework is to complete the graphs and the worksheet that helps determine the function for the period of the pendulum. They will also complete the pendulum questions for the COSI pendulum.

    October 26th
    1. Today the students answer the driving question, "Is Edgar Allan Poe" really a mathematician.
    2. They will also answer the driving question, "Does the prisoner in the story really have time to escape?"
    3. They will look at the information given in the story "The Pit and the Pendulum" and use it to solve the problem:
    The ceiling above is 30-40 feet high. There are about 10-12 swings left. He has about 1-1/2 minutes to escape by the time the rats chew through the rope.
    4. Students need to turn in permission slips for the field trip to Miami University on Friday.

     The group work is to complete the final worksheet answering the driving question.

    October 30th
    The students will be taking a field trip to Miami University today where they will take a campus tour and visit the Foucault Pendulum housed there. They will time the period of the pendulum and be able to calculate the length of the cord by using the formula derived from this unit. After lunch they will visit Dr. Todd Edwards Math Methods class and do an activity involving "Chasing Triangles." We will leave at 8:00 a.m. and return at 2:00 p.m. if they have turned in their permission slips.
    November 1st
    1. Students will review the Pit and the Pendulum overview and summary.
    2. Students will practice problems on the pendulum Physics page.
    3. Students will explain how the length of the pendulum chord was found on the Miami University tour after they
    timed the period.

    November 3rd
    1. As a class we will go over the review questions and determine lenghts and periods of the pendulums at Miami Universtiy and COSI.
    2. After the review, students will take the Pit and the Pendulum test.