Choose a College

Some of you have already been researching for what might be your next step after graduation from high school. Others of you think that there is no rush why bother until you are a senior. Choosing a college or a career is one of the toughest choices you'll make in high school and waiting for your senior year to begin this process is not always a good idea.

This assignment is an opportunity for you to begin looking at your options. You will be researching a college or a career that was randomly assigned to you. As you research you will be considering those factors that are important to you. Also, include at least one "fun fact" or some additional information that you found as a result of your research. Once you have completed your research prepare a PowerPoint to present to class. Prepare a presentation to go over all that you have learned about this school. You will need to upload not only your PowerPoint, but also a draft of what you plan to say no later than March 20th.

Things to be included in your slides for this assignment:

1.  Make a list of possible majors you would be interested in. Include anything and everything you might be like to take as a class.

2.  Next begin your research of the college you have been assigned. Answer the following questions. Don’t just look at the academics; include in your research any extra-curricular activities you might be interested in as well. In addition, look for at least one additional bit of information that you found interesting besides the list I have given you. Keep the PowerPoint colorful by using pictures from the campus. If you use charts be sure they are clear enough for the class to read.

Areas of your interest and does the assigned school have this degree?

What is the size of this school? Mascot?

location: state and city? Age of school?

Class size and student/teacher ratio

What types of living arrangements are available at this school?  Will you be living at home or getting an apartment?  What would be your cost for an apartment near the school?  What would be your costs for living at home?

Cost of school? (breakdown of costs)

What are the major degrees or focus for that school?

What types of scholarships are available?  If no scholarships, are there scholarships available from other locations?  

Requirements that will be considered when applying (ACT score etc. . )?

What extra-curricular activities that this school provides?  If none, how would you spend your free time?

How diverse is this school?

Are Greek Fraternities or Sororities available? Would you consider joining a Greek Fraternities or Sororities?   Do not do if researching a 2 year or trade school.

Fun Fact

Be sure your slides include pictures of the campus or any graphics that might help in your presentation.