Grants, Loans and Scholarships

Grants, Loans and Scholarship

Today we are going to do a two part assignment.  First you will learn about Scholarships, loans and grants.  You will select either grants, loans or scholarships to research.  Once you have selected from the three choices, open the worksheet that corresponds to the your choice.  Research and answer the questions on that worksheet only.  If you have a red star on you paper, then you will need to make a poster about your topic.  Once you have finished your poster, then move on to part 2.  You do not have to create a poster for this part.

If you did not have a red star and after you have completed the worksheet, then move on to the complete the 2nd part of this assignment researching 3 scholarships. 

To complete the Three Scholarship assignment you can go the web site Ohio Means Jobs.  Begin by clicking on individual and then click on the k-12 student.  Once you have done that, look to the left and click on fund itOn the drop down menu click scholarship opportunities.  Once you are there fill in the blanks and start looking over the possible scholarships that exist.  Another way to find scholarships would to be to search the net.  Don't just rush through this, take the time to find scholarships that would fulfill your potential career.   Choose three to research and fill in the blanks on the worksheet.  Once you are done with that worksheet be sure to upload to this assignment.  Then get a poster board, choose one scholarship and create poster a about that particular scholarship, try to include as much information as possible.  Avoid duplication if possible.