The mystical forest always lit up as the purple sun rose over the green and blue mountains. “It’s a sweet day” said the unicorn. The unicorn ran through the field as the leprechauns start to hide there gold through-out the end of the many rainbows. Fairies dance on the clouds watching over the forever perfect world.

One day when everything seems normal the worst happens. The dark clouds crash against each other roughly over the world. The unicorns hide in caves, leprechauns find shelter upon the rainbow, and the fairies fly away to the place which no-one has ventured… over the mountain.

The dark cloud remains still over the world as everything falls apart. Trees fall, clouds disappear, and grass shrivels away. Until the last few magical creatures left to find the evil creating these disasters.

They travel for days then weeks and finally months looking for the source of the disasters, that’s when they found it. The great tree of life is dying. Only one thing can cure it and is rumored to cure everything, Flohja berries, “It is said they can be found over the mountains but I’ve never seen them.”

They left to find it but it took days before they were over the mountains and there were berries as far as the eye can see. But was it the Flohja berry? No one has ever seen them before, only one way to find out… they gathered the sick and fed them all berries. They were all cured instantly it had to be them… it had to be them.

They gathered the berries and left for the tree. They squeezed all the juice they could on the tree and almost instantly leaves began to grow and the trunk stiffened. The clouds and the disasters disappeared and the mystical creatures reappeared slowly. The world was back… not just the world, their world.

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