The Death of My Grandpa!!

All I could see was a man on a gurney, people and an ambulance. People
were clueless. I couldn't see, because of the tears coming down my face! All I
wanted was to do was run to the house. Just go to him.
Just tell him I love him.
Just have one more laugh with him. Go hug him one more time! I hear people
crying, fearing that he won't come back. Yelling because they didn't want him to
go. My grandma was crying, and crying, and never stopping.
I was in shock... Well all of us were. We we scared that he might not come
back. We were shaking and our faces were red from crying a lot! I felt like my heart
just dropped and hit the floor and broke. Just a piece of me died. Cold from outside.
The shock feeling and the feeling this was my entire fault.

We went to the hospital and they were there before us. I was the first one
walking the hospital. When I took a step in the hospital something hit me. I knew he
was dead! Then we all went in there. The doctor walked out and told us he was dead.
I could smell death, fear inside all of us. His body was cold... Very cold. The only
thing I could taste were my tears, running down my cheeks and into my mouth. My
mouth was watery and I was getting that taste I was going to throw up.

It was like I was going to die myself. We ate in the cafeteria. I couldn't eat at all
because I thought I was going to get sick! In the days after he died, I couldn't sleep or
eat. I felt it was my entire fault. We are alright now. But we do still miss him so much.
We love him with all our hearts. Love and rest in peace, Grandpa! You will always be
in our memories and hearts! I will never forget what you told me and told me when I
was little! Rest in peace.

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