I will never forget marching at the last football game. It was my first year
in marching band. I had to take off my hat, gloves, and gauntlets, after the first
song. Then I had to quickly put them back on, for the last.
My perfectly straightened hair was not going back into my hat before the
last song. After three times of hastily putting my hat on and taking it off again,
I ran out of time. I quickly stood up and starting marching to my next chart.
My hair was in my face. I couldn't see where I was trying to march to. I
could only see the freshly cut grass and the bright lights of the football field. I
guided myself on glimpses of shining instruments. I was very embarrassed but I
did not mess up.
My band teacher was yelling "Fix it!" at me, then laughing. I could see the
cameras flashing. I tried to fix my hair. Then my headband started digging into
my head. My
hands were frozen. I continued to play that familiar song "Don't
Stop Believing."
I continued to finish the halftime show. The pain from my headband was
unbearable. My hands were totally frozen. I could barely feel the cold flute in
my hands. My mouth dried from playing. Finally our last song was over. I quickly
pulled my hat off. I fixed my crazed hair and tried to warm my hands.
I was so embarrassed. I felt terrible, like I had ruined the show for
everyone. Especially Regan, our only senior, on her last game ever! It was then
time for Regan to announce who had one her surprise. Which she had said
earlier that she would give a surprise to whoever stood out and she thought
deserved it. She runs up with a huge brightly color stuffed snake. When she
announces the winner she says" This person was creative and didn't mess up even
thought they had stuff in their face." She says as this while holding while holding
three fingers over her face. All of the other marchers start to look at me and
chant my name. Then Regan threw the snake up to me in the stands. I had to
then march back to the band room from the football field with the huge snake
wrapped around me. I felt so much joy and pride that the butterflies flew away.

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