You should not wear makeup because it makes your skin different. The following paper tells you why you should definitely NOT wear makeup.

Make up is definitely not your face. Makeup changes your face and it not only changes what your face looks like, but it changes you. But when it does change your face, it changes in a bad way. Just a little to much makeup can make you look ugly and sometimes scary looking, And it hides your real personality.

Also guess what, Justin Bieber does not like girls with makeup on. He said some eyeliner is OK but that's it. He is crossing all of the girls that wear makeup that he will never date off of his list very fast, so get rid of your makeup now before you get crossed off the list. Because Justin Bieber agrees with me.

Also if you wear too much of the wrong kind of makeup it can give you acne. Say if you wear to much blush it will probably give you pimples and acne, doctors say. So hurry, and get rid of your makeup now or you will get acne at any age.

So do not wear any makeup or anything i just said will happen to you. So do not take this paper as a joke or these things will happen to you. Do not ever wear makeup again or skin and face will change, and in a bad way.

Last modified: Friday, July 1, 2016, 11:02 AM