The Sun in My Storm

Swaying in the wind

Waiting for the sun to vanish

Waiting for the rain to start

Hoping for you to return sooner than what I feel

Lost and worried in the dark

Pain is crashing down

Lightning dancing all around

How are you so far?

Letting you go, slipping away from my hands

I had you so close

You are never going to remember

I never, you never, we never could grasp on the love we had

And now we must start all over

Meet again, cry again, and hope again

Maybe you aren’t the one

and then I don't know what I'm waiting for

living for

I have nothing to die for

Other than myself and my writing

My words and my thoughts

holding onto you

And if you truly don’t know who you are

Then look at me

Because you were the sun in my poetry

And the distance in my life.

I'm drowning in my blood

Catch me

Drowning in the rain

Love me for who I am

We don’t have to change even if there is nothing for us

We are who we are, lost and lonely

Waiting for my storm to pass and your light to come

the difference in who we are

The light that we bleed out, is a hidden darkness

Grasping each other by the heart that is bleeding

Cut by the knife that you stabbed me with

Please, heal it.

I don’t care if you don’t know where we are

Come back.

You are the sun in my storm,

And the one that I love.

 -Michelle Massa

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