The booming and dark night was light up as streaks of lightning stretching across the sky like long bony fingers grasping at the endless void of darkness. Little pitter patter on the roof gave a calm feeling this old abandoned house.
I decided to look and see what I could find. So I strolled into a bedroom. I looked around until I had the uneasy feeling of being watched. As that feeling past I heard the muffled sound of a foot step behind me. I carefully revolved around to notice a phantasm shape barrel up the staircase. I tore after the mysterious figure. Before I could reach the top. There was loud bang of a door closing from the hallway above. 
When I got to the top. I looked down the hall. There were six doors on each side of the hall. I soundlessly creped along checking each door. The fourth door down on the left side was unlocked. I walked into a square room with a book shelf along one of the walls. I began to recall all the mystery books I had ever read. They all had some kind of hidden doorway behind a bookshelf. I checked my bag to see if I had anything that could help me. I happened to have the fourth volume on hidden doorways. I flipped to the chapter about bookshelves. The said
"To look for a book that was out of place or did not match."
I put the book back in my bag and walked over to the bookshelf. All the books seem to be green hardback books. However, only one was Edgar Allen Poe. I tried to pull the book out. However, it only can out alittle then retracted. I listened as the the inner of the door unlocked and opened. I stepped in only to be knocked unconscious. When I awoke I was binded to some kind of examination table. All around was what looked like to be old torture devices.
My heart rate started to increase at the thought of what each one could do. Just then a voice broke into my thoughts. It came through a loudspeaker somewhere in the room. The disembodied voice told me
"If you cooperate, and tell what I want to know, you can go free."
At that moment I knew I was going to be here awhile.

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