I was struggling to get through the swamps of Vassa. Although a large portion of Vassa is forest and farmland. There is still the swamp by the bay of blackmoon. Blackmoon is a giant lake in the middle of Valrincia. The Vassa wich has been under the control of family blackmoon.
I was to meet with with another planewalker on snow beach. The beach got ifs name because the sand on the beach is as white as snow. Planeswalkers got there names because we walk the planes of Valerinia in search of beasts or monsters to tame.
The customary thing to do when you meet another planeswalker you don't know is to battle. This is done to show who is more powerful. Luckily I lready knew the planeswalker I am to meet. When we first met and we battled I lost. But I have grown stronger since then. The sad part is he only used three monsters to defeat me. The three he used was two Runehelms, and a shade.
The shades are dangerous for the fact that they can travel to the shadow plane. The shadow plane is an alternate reality. Were the world still looks the same, evil, and darkness is at its strongest.
The Runehelm are seven feet tall human like amatrons that have grey clay like skin covered in ancient magical symbols. The Runehelms are created using dark magic, and they are controlled by a master jem stone. Unless you can get to the shadow plane where the master jem is and destroy it. Runehelms are almost impossible to destroy unless you have Orther's Bane. Orther's bane is a sword that was created by a Dark Wizard. It was made to destroy evil. When the sword touches the skin of a Runehelm it turns the skin to stone. Rendering the Runehelm inmoble.

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