LeBron on the court

Lucas Boggs

 Careful, not to foul the offense, LeBron guards his “man.” LeBron steals the ball then runs down court. Forceful, LeBron drives to the basket for an easy bucket. Then he gets back to play defense. Suddenly, LeBron steals it again, but this time for a dunk. Once again he gets back on defense. Puzzled, LeBron has a foul called on him. The other team gets free-throws because they’re in the bonus. With precision, he passes it to Dwyane Wade in the paint for the quarter ending shot. Dizzy, from the last play, LeBron goes to the locker room to get checked up on. Obvious, to the trainer, LeBron had gotten a concussion.

Then after the third quarter they ran onto the court, ready for the fourth quarter to start. The 4th quarter starts. LeBron sits for the first couple minutes because his team is up by 7. After a couple baskets in a row by the other team, he gets up off the bench to check in. Quickly, he in-bounds the ball, and runs to get in position for offense. Mario Chalmers calls out a play, “Flash James!” LeBron takes off. Rio lobs a pass up towards the rim. LeBron soars through the air, grabs it at its highest point, double clutches it, and flushes it down through the net. Cockily, LeBron poses to the cameras as he lands. Pumped, LeBron rushes to the bench, screaming and yelling, after the Trail Blazers have called a timeout. The timeout is over, and LeBron sits the bench because the Heat have a commanding lead. The final buzzer sounds for the game to end. The Heat wins the game, and will advance to the play-offs next week on Monday.

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